Syairs are traditional poetic forms that are still relevant in contemporary society. Syair comprises four lines stanzas with the rhyming scheme of a, a, a, a. Each line contains 9, 10 or 12 syllables. These four lines are part of a long poem. The functions of the syairs are to tell stories, provide guidance and they are also used in religious activities.

MSS 105 (A)
Syair Bidasari

A romantic poem, which tells the story of the beautiful Bidasari who became the victim of Queen Indraputra's jealousy.

MSS 778
Syair surat al-qiyamah

Copied in A.H. 1306 [A.D. 1888].
A religious poem, which tells of the day of judgement, the pleasures of heaven and tortures of hell.

MSS 25
Syair Siti Zubaidah

A romantic poem that chronicles the loyalty, resolve and bravery of a woman called Siti Zubaidah in her efforts to track and free her captive husband.

MSS 450
Syair Sultan Abdul Muluk

Copied by Morset Subinder Malun Rabflis in Kampung Lebach (?), Colombo [Sri Lanka]. The original text was written by Raja Ali Haji. Narrates how Sultan Abdul Muluk who was captured by the Sultan of Hindustan was freed by Siti Rafiah, his wife.

MSS 428 (A)
Syair Pertuanan Alif

Copied by Muhammad Yusuf on Friday of the month of Rabiulakhir. A religious poem which among other things discusses the makrifat (wisdom) of Islam.
MSS 440 (A)
Syair Burung Merpati

A poem which provide an exposition on tauhid including the articles of faith and the obligatory duties. The exposition is conducted through a conversation between various types of birds.

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